Design and Construction Expertise

As a client you are looking for a professional design firm with THE niche specialization in Action Sports Venues. One who understands your challenges and every bit as passionate as you are about the project. Outside of the micro level details of the project you need a team that will balance site opportunities, constraints, permitting challenges, budget, and your unique project needs to create a compelling final design. We are licensed/ professional Landscape Architects and General Engineering Contractors who can seamlessly integrate your design into your overall project on time, on budget.

Beyond Design Expertise

Imagine a team that’s as passionate about your project as you are. One that’s focused on creating value even before the project begins. And one that’s connected to all the other professionals working on your project. ASD holds one of the largest portfolios in Action Sports projects worldwide working with some of the most notable firms and clients in the World. Our team seamlessly integrates with your current and future projects. ASD provides more comprehensive and viable project solutions. Our design professionals and planners collaborate with engineers, Parks departments, architects, community advocates to integrate sound solutions and design for a better outcome. Regardless of your project’s scope, scale, or complexity, your ASD team will work with you to shape your site into a distinctive project with a strong sense of place.

Our Studio

Our design studios are located central in Austin, TX in the heart of the action sports, providing local expertise no matter what region your project is located. We function as one team available wherever the need. Our culture of shifting resources to meet the need allows us to put the right people on the team for every project size, type, and schedule.

Niche Specialization

You need more than just a design professional for your Action Sports project. ASD’s deep diverse expertise in action sports allows us to provide core focused services than a typical design studio. Best practices for sustainable design and even drainage solutions and construction services, planning and park design, environmental solutions on all our projects. The list goes on—giving you the efficiency and effectiveness of one team for all your action sport needs.

Good Design | Service

Every day, the ASD team demonstrate that good design isn’t just a driver of goodwill – it’s an essential element of good business. We have a long track record of award-winning creative solutions. Our visionary designers use creativity to expand your opportunities within your budget, creating visual environments with meaningful themes, distinctive designs, and a unique point of view. Revitalizing public spaces, creatively designing with appropriate and sustainable materials, providing multimodal solutions in increasingly underutilized areas, and connecting to the land and the surrounding spaces in a sustainable user-friendly design are just some of the daily tasks our team at ASD performs.

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ACTION Sports Design, llc. (ASD) is a professional consulting firm specializing in planning, design, engineering, and construction services for progressive action sport environments.



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